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New Deep Conditioner #NaturalHair

Earlier today, I was pretty frustrated with my hair, so I went back to the blogs to look for some more deep conditioning treatments to try. While searching, I found something about a coconut natural relaxer…. Yea I know major side eye! But after reading the ingredients, I figured it would make a great DC for my hair, especially after consulting with my granny:

  • Plain yogurt (I used Greek)
  • Coconut milk
  • Coconut oil

After pre-pooing with my Lisa’s elixir from Carol’s Daughter, I shampooed as normal. After mixing the above ingredients, I sectioned my hair as usual for my dc and applied to my hair. I reserve Friday evenings for deep conditioning w/ my Huetiful hair steamer. I normally use other homemade dc concoctions but I may say this coconut/yogurt mix feels AMAZING! My hair feels extremely soft and manageable so far….

We’ll have to see how my twists come out tomorrow, but I’m super hopeful and my hair feels great! The natural hair journey continues :)

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