I think it’s weird that teenage girls know more about giving blowjobs than they do about masturbation. It makes me sick to my stomach that so many young girls think sex is just about a guy finishing.

Elizabeth Olsen 

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Dwayne and Rocky Johnson - 1981

Hereditary swoleness 

his daddy look like a crip in the 70s.

daddy fine af tho





Dwayne and Rocky Johnson - 1981

Hereditary swoleness 

his daddy look like a crip in the 70s.

daddy fine af tho

If you have to choose between me and someone else, pick them. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with someone who is going to question if they made the right choice.

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Over the weekend, a 17-year-old girl attending a rowdy Keith Urban concert outside of Boston broke away from her friends with a man she’d just met. Minutes later, the man was sexually assaulting her out in the open as more than a dozen passersby watched, with some even taking cell phone videos.

The girl met 18-year-old Sean Murphy at the concert, and after the two began kissing, he led her away. According to multiple outlets, what happened after that sounds like a shitshow nightmare.

As the two began having sex, a small crowd gathered around to watch, some patrons really classing up the joint by taking pictures and video with their phones. When a female bystander asked the girl “do you want this?”, she said “no,” and according to witnesses, broke free from Murphy and ran away. The girl found her friends, who took her to the police. The police, in turn, locked all the concert attendees inside the outdoor amphitheater as they searched for Murphy, who witnesses say was on his cell phone with his parents, telling them that he had “messed up.” According to the police report, he was drunk on Jack Daniels, like the alcohol is some sort of magical rape tonic that turns normal dudes into rapists. The last time I drank Jack Daniels, I had a headache the next day. Did zero raping.

Murphy’s attorneys say the act was consensual and “regrettably public.”

Even without the sexual assault, Urban’s concert was already a certified clusterfuck, as 50 attendees were arrested for over imbibing and 46 were treated for “alcohol related illnesses.”

Source: Erin Gloria Ryan for Jezebel

Thank God the police handled it for once and that her friends with her. Thank God for the person that asked if she was consenting.

FUCK everyone that started taping it. I hope they all get thrown under the jail with her rapist.





White people revoked the right for black people to read and get a proper education for years and now have the nerve to tell us to teach them






The 5 Love Languages (Gary Chapman)

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So supposedly I’m big on words of affirmation with quality time right under….interesting.

Mine is switched, quality time then words of affirmation.



US stands alone in vote against UN inquiry into Gaza assault
July 26, 2014

The United States was the only country in the world that voted Wednesday against the United Nations investigating human rights violations in Gaza unleashed by Israel’s military assault.

Of the 47 members of the UN Human Rights Council, 29 nations voted to set up a commission to launch an international, independent inquiry, effectively passing the resolution. Seventeen countries abstained, including Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

The inquiry will look at “all violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and the occupied Gaza Strip in the context of military operations conducted since mid June,” according to a statement from the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. The council criticized Israeli military operations for perpetuating “widespread, systematic and gross violations of international human rights and fundamental freedoms.”

U.S. ambassador to the Council, Keith Harper, said he issued the “no” vote because the resolution is a “biased and political instrument” that “will not help” the “cessation of hostilities.”

But Josh Ruebner, policy director for the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, toldCommon Dreams that the U.S. vote simply “shows the great extent to which the U.S. goes to protect Israel in international forums from any accountability for its actions, no matter how egregious.” Ruebner added that U.S. claims of imbalance are illegitimate, as the inquiry will investigate human rights violations perpetrated by Hamas as well as Israel.

Phyllis Bennis, senior fellow at Institute for Policy Studies, told Common Dreams that the U.S. “no” vote is part of a larger pattern. “The U.S. is the reason why the United Nations is not able to play the role its charter requires, which is to stop the scourge of war,” said Bennis. “The U.S. vetoes and threatens to veto in the Security Council, and in arenas like the General Assembly or Human Rights Council where there is no veto, they threaten other countries.”

The UN resolution comes amid an ever-rising Palestinian death toll, with Gaza Health Ministry official Ashraf al-Qudra reporting Thursday that so far 784 Palestinians have been killed and over 5,000 wounded in Israel’s “Protective Edge” operation. Kyung-Wha Kang, Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and UN Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator, estimates that 74 percent of the Palestinians killed are civilians and one-third are children. “One child has been killed each hour in Gaza over the past two days,” Kang said on Wednesday, according to the UN.

Israel launched air strikes on Palestinians seeking shelter in a UN school in Beit Hanoun in Gaza on Thursday, killing at least 15 people and wounding dozens. The attack marked at least the fourth time a UN facility in Gaza has been hit since July 8, according to theGuardian. Chris Gunness, spokesperson for the UN Relief and Works Agency, said on Twitter that "Precise co-ordinates of the UNRWA shelter in Beit Hanoun had been formally given to the Israeli army."

Thirty-two Israeli soldiers, two Israeli civilians, and a Thai worker in Israel have died.

Rubner expressed concern that the U.S. is likely to obstruct any attempt on the part of the Council to hold Israel accountable for war crimes: “What’s likely to happen is same thing with the Goldstone Report and the Human Rights Council inquiry into the attack on the aid flotilla: reports will document the fact that Israel has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity, and the U.S. will use its veto power or threat thereof to prevent the international community from acting on recommendations for accountability.”


The US has also used its veto power in the Security Council more than 40 times to protect Israel. This is one of the biggest reasons why the United Nations has been an ineffective tool in stopping the genocide happening in Palestine.